David Kleckner

David Kleckner


B.S. Computer Science, University of Wisconsin at Madison, 1983

Certified Project Management Professional (PMP)



Current Projects With Dr. Aiello

David is currently working on the Detroit Neighborhood Health Study (DNHS); Life Course Socioeconomics, Acculturation, and Type-2 Diabetes Risk Among Latinos (NINOS); and the Sacramento Area Latino Study of of Aging (SALSA). David is also IT Manager for the Department of Epidemiology, supervising 13 application analysts and technical support staff.

Research Interests

David is interested in data security, data management, electronic data capture systems, disease prevention, obesity, and cancer research.


David joined UNC at Chapel Hill in 2000, serving as an Applications Specialist in multiple research studies. Prior to UNC, he spent ten years with Procter & Gamble as a Senior Systems Analyst and five years with The Upjohn Company as a Scientific Programmer.


David loves to travel, having visited all 50 states and is now working on international destinations. He also enjoys reading non-fiction, visiting historical sites, financial planning and investing, and spending time in the mountains and at the beaches of North Carolina.


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