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Principal Investigator

  • Allison Aiello
    Dr. Allison E. Aiello
  • Dr. Allison Aiello is a Professor of Epidemiology at the University of North Carolina - Gillings School of Global Public Health in the Department of Epidemiology and faculty member. She received her Ph.D. with distinction in Epidemiology from Columbia University-Mailman School of Public Health and was the recipient of the Ana C. Gelman award for outstanding achievement and promise in the field of epidemiology. Her research investigates psychosocial, socioeconomic and race/ethnic disparities in health, the relationship between infection and chronic diseases, and prevention of infection in the community setting. She has identified relationships between psychosocial determinants and immune response to infection and helped uncover social disparities in the burden of infection and immune response to cytomegalovirus in the US population. Currently, Dr. Aiello is the PI of several NIH funded studies where she is examining social, behavioral, biological, and genetic determinants of health outcomes.  Curriculum Vitae (pdf)


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  • Elsie Grace
  • Vanessa Perez
  • Eric Roberts
  • Bryant Uy
  • Mansi Agarwal
  • Kim Boelkins
  • Ashley Burson
  • Greg Cherkowski
  • Laura Danosky
  • Mallika Kommareddi
  • Yuan-Chiao Lu
  • Stephen Lichtenstein
  • Manessa Shaw
  • Evan Milton
  • Kristefer Stojanovski
  • Kimberly Bradbury
  • Kristina Brooks
  • Shuen Chai
  • Su Chen
  • Rebecca M. Coulborn
  • Arielle Forbes
  • Joe Holbrook
  • Corrine Hoyle
  • Tashya Jayasuriya
  • PinChing Lai
  • Guipeng Liu
  • Genevra Murray
  • Seema Murthy
  • Oanh Nguyen
  • Anne-Michelle Noone
  • William Quarshie
  • Christine Pierce
  • Rama Salhi
  • Patricia Sinawe
  • Kelsey Wright
  • Jinyao Zhang
  • Daron Zhou
  • Mike Wu
  • Joshua Clayton
  • Erin Rees Clayton
  • Courtney Hanna
  • Ryan Malosh
  • Lindsay Pool
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  • Mariana Rosenthal
  • Kara Tarter
  • Xu Wang
  • Elyssa Trani
  • Caroline Cheng
  • Xuan Zhou
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  • Brian Davis
  • Adam Markovitz
  • Christian Douglas

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Influenza might be spread by simply breathing, study finds

January 21, 2018

As new research indicates, the influenza virus might be spread by coughing, sneezing, or breathing. In this NBC news article, Dr. Donald Milton from University of Maryland and Dr Aiello discuss how flu spreads and what precautions you can take to prevent getting the flu:


Norovirus outbreak: Why it's easy to catch and hard to get rid of

January 21, 2018

Norovirus, commonly referred to as the stomach flu, often causes stomach cramps, diarrhea, vomiting, and fever. When infected individuals vomit, it aerosolizes the virus and allows it to spread throug the air. In an article published by CNBC, Dr. Aiello discusses the ...more

ARG Chairs Symposium at the 2016 Congress of the Americas

August 23, 2016

Aiello Research Group PI Dr. Allison Aiello and Post-Doctoral Fellow Dr. Lydia Feinstein co-chaired the Symposium on the Novel Approaches for Bio-social Integration in Epidemiologic Studies at this year's Congress of the Americas. See the link below for details on ...more

UNC Study: PTSD May Accelerate Immune System Aging

April 05, 2016

A new ARG study has found that people ...more

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