Get The Real Dirt On Cleaning Hands—Experts: No Boost From Antibacterial Cleansers - Nov 13, 2005 - At this time of year, health experts' mantra that you should wash your hands religiously to stave off colds and disease seems like sage advice.

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Coming Clean

Nature Chemical Biology - Dec 1, 2005 - Antibiotics are now commonly found in many consumer cleansing products, including hand soap, body wash and dishwashing soap. In the United States in 2000, a survey showed that 45% of all consumer soaps, and more than 75% of liquid soaps, contained an antibiotic.


Antibacterial Soaps No Better At Cleaning Your Hands

SLCC Health & Wellness Services - Dec 1, 2005 - Tips to stay fit through the holidays

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Bursting The Bubble On Antibacterial Soap

The Michigan Daily - Nov 8, 2005 - Ever wondered if there's a difference between regular soap and the antibacterial kind? Maybe in smell, but not in how effectively they clean.

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Antibacterial Soaps Might Cause Future Problems

The Detroit News - Nov 1, 2005 - Many of us use antibacterial soaps in the bathrooms and kitchen and even carry hand sanitizing gels and wipes.

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