Students To Don Masks, Wash Hands For Influenza Study

The University Record - Nov 20, 2006 - If you happen to see a long line of students wearing surgical masks emerging from a U-M residence hall in the next few weeks, there's no need to panic.

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Plain Soap Gets The Job Done

The Arizona Republic - Oct 17, 2006 - The myth: Using anti-bacterial soap is the most effective way to keep your hands germ-free and avoid illness.

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In A Lather

Michigan Alumnus - Late Fall 2006 - Allison Aiello, Assistant Professor of Epidemiology, has already amassed media attention for her work pertaining to antibacterial hand soaps.

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In The News

American College of Epidemiology - Fall 2006 - Allison Aiello, ACE Minority Affairs Committee member, chaired a professional development session at the Society of Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science annual meeting.

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Researcher Traces Role Of Social Factors In Health

The Ann Arbor News, Connection Section - Jul 9, 2006 - Allison Aiello will tell you to be wary when you approach the store shelf lined with lemon and almond-scented liquid hand soaps.

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